Engineering That Fits Your Lifestyle

Our skilled engineers are hard at work designing new floats and aircraft modifications and improving the originals with the latest technological advances.

Working in cooperation with another innovative company, one of the projects on deck for 2008 is a float for the all new Kodiak aircraft. This aircraft will redefine the market for 10 passenger plus baggage airplanes. And with our newly designed floats installed, we help lucky families and business professionals into the most adventurous places in the world quickly, efficiently and safely.

Also in the works this year are some big advances for our fire fighting airplane, the Fire Boss. We are in-process of getting approval for a 1600 horsepower engine for our agile firefighter, increasing power significantly. This aircraft has been a powerful marriage of the Air Tractor agricultural sprayer and our uniquely designed ‘shortie’ floats and scooping system. Our Engineering Department, headed up by Charles Wiplinger, continues the family tradition of high quality and innovative design in this project and we are proud this little idea of ours is now fighting fires on three continents with more to follow.

Our busy engineers have several other tricks up their sleeves that will be unveiled later in the year, but while those are still hush-hush for now, we are proud to say our Engineering Department makes our high performance products possible and our customers reap the benefits.