Local Avionics Shop vs. Factory Repair

That #1 NAV, which has been intermittently flagging for the last 3 months, has finally quit altogether. Now the question is; do you send it to the factory or to an experienced avionics service shop for repair?

Though your unit may have been built at the factory, your avionics service shop will often present you with a much better option when it comes to the repairs. For example, most avionics service shops can offer you many no-charge loaners while your unit is being serviced, as opposed to factory rentals, which can often exceed half the cost of a repair. Another service shop advantage is the faster turnaround times, usually within one or two days. Factory repairs are typically eight to ten days unless you are willing to pay an expedite fee. One of biggest advantages of dealing with a good service shop is access to the technician who is working your equipment. This is a great benefit when you have information to pass along concerning how the unit has been failing, to discuss repair options or to answer questions on what kind of work was performed on your equipment. Add to this the lower repair costs and warranties that are typically equal to or exceed that of the factory, and the selection of a quality avionics repair shop makes more than just good economical sense.

If you are being faced with an avionics box repair, we would invite you to consult with our avionics component repair department. You can talk with the tech at 651-209-7173.