Prime Time For Shine

It’s that time of year again, and as winter rapidly approaches there are some things that can be addressed in the off-season. As your airplane waits for glimpses of fair weather, you can do some little things that will make a big difference. A simple as polishing and waxing, or touching up those areas that bothered you all summer will give your plane a new sheen.

Choosing a good wax is important for its ease of application and also its longevity…not to mention how it looks in the end. Carnuba waxes are great for darker colors and give them depth and gloss. But polymer sealants are the most durable, usually about six months. Amount of use, conditions and care will affect these waxes either way.

Whatever you decide, there is one thing you can do to make them all look good. When you are applying your wax, hand or orbital, load your pad in an area that is free from seams and rivets so you don’t get build-up around them and have that awful white mess everyone points out. Once your pad has a sufficient amount of wax, you would be surprised how much area you can do without adding more. A soft toothbrush and a clean terry-cloth towel can usually take care of those areas that you have applied to much.

Perhaps it’s time to altogether replace that faded paint scheme that just doesn’t express how good she handles in the air. If you tend to fly less in the winter, you won’t miss her while she’s in for the makeover. The Wipaire team is glad to answer questions helping you accomplish the small tasks yourself, or to help you make your aircraft as beautiful on the outside as you know it is on the inside.