Who in the World is Haig?

Haig Haigopian - VP of International SalesHaig started his 40-year aviation career with seven years as an aeronautical structures engineer. From there he moved on to selling airplanes and established dealerships catering to most of the international general aviation world. Haig is a sailplane, single and multi-engine pilot with single engine seaplane ratings. Having worked for Cessna, Piper, Lake Aircraft and Airbus, Haig contributes to our customers and partners with a wealth of international knowledge. Wipaire has the ease of overcoming language barriers with Haig’s ability to fluently speak English, French, Arabic and Armenian. His professional philosophy is to listen, interpret the customer’s aspirations, needs and wants, to provide workable, realistic lasting solutions and relationships. Haig has a love for people in all walks of life and is renowned for being true to his word.