Winter Float Storage – Do it Right

Now that you have removed your floats for the season, don’t just stuff them away in a corner somewhere. Now is a great time to give those floats you love a real good once over.

Whether you do it yourself, have your local dude (or Dudette) do it, or take advantage of the professional staff at Wipaire’s maintenance department to do it, now is a good time to just do it.

Get any moisture out of the hulls by pumping out the hulls, (after you use your hand pump, additional water can be sucked out with a wet vac). Actually pouring some RV/Marine anti-freeze into the float cups will help with any mid winter moister that could get inside.

Making sure your wheel bearings are freshly greased to force moisture out so ice damage or time at rest damage doesn’t occur over winter.

It’s a great time to get rid of those old worn out float plugs, deck lines, and touch up any paint chips. Putting in new hatch seals for some older models is always a good idea that will provide benefits beyond this winter.

It is also very important to check the Wipaire website at and check for any service letters that may apply to your current model floats. You can also give us a call at
651-451-1205 and our customer service department can help you with your needs.

The moral of the story is, simply take a little time to make sure the investment in your floats is not left to fend for itself. A little care now will go a long way so when you get ready to destroy the glassy water of your favorite seaplane landing sites, you’ll know those big tennis shoes under your aircraft are in tip top shape.