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Wipaire has an ever-changing, extensive inventory of pre-owned aircraft with or without floats, from Piper Cubs to Turboprops. We also consider trades and buy aircraft for inventory.

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  • 1998 Cessna 182S Amphibious

    80 Hrs on the Lycoming IO-540 SMOH, Wipline 3000 Amphib Floats, upgraded Avionics Suite w/Aspen PRO 1000 Electronic Flight Display. $299,000 View Listing
  • 1998 American Champion 8GCBC

    450 Hrs TT, Lycoming 0-360-A1D 180 HP, low time, Mid-West operated. Aircraft will be delivered with a Fresh Annual. $124,000 View Listing
  • 1974 Cessna A185F Amphibious

    3380 Hrs TT, 1439 Hrs SMOH, 1439 Hrs SNEW, Award Winning Aircraft, Wing X Wing Extension, Sportmans STOL, Modern IFR Avionics and more. $249,000 View Listing
  • 1956 DeHavilland DHC-2

    347 Hrs SMOH, 104 Hrs SPOH, Aspen EFD 1000, Garmin GNS 430 GPS/Localizer/Glideslope, Cabin Extension, Lifetime Wing Struts and more! $700,000 View Listing
  • 2006 Cessna T206H Amphibious

    975 Hrs TT SNEW, Wipline 3450 Amphibs, G1000 Nav III Suite w/Active Traffic, TAWS B, Wipaire Co-Pilot Door, operated the past 5 years within central MN. CALL FOR DETAILS View Listing
  • 2005 Cessna Turbo 206H Amphibious

    763 Hrs TT SNEW, Garmin G1000 Avionics Suite, Wipline 3450 Amphibious Floats (2005 DOM) and Wipaire Co-Pilot Door. Call for Details View Listing
  • 2016 Boss 182 Amphibious Conversion

    Impressive Perfomance! Powerful,factory new engine conversion: Ly-Con-580 with 315 HP, New Wipline 3000 Amphibious floats, GW to 3370 MTOW and more! $525,000 View Listing
  • 2015 Boss 182 Amphibious Conversion

    Lycoming -580 with 315 HP, Wipline 3000 Amphibs, 82" Hartzell Composite Trailblazer Prop, updated Avionics Suite including a GTN 750 and more! $495,000 View Listing
  • 2014 Wide Body Piper Super Cub

    Wide body PA-18 - complete rebuild! New Lycoming 0-360-C1G 180 HP engine, new McCauley Prop (82 X 41) both with ONLY 77 Hrs TT, New Wipline 2100 Amphib Floats. $219,000 View Listing
  • 2013 Aviat Husky A-1C-200 Amphibious

    160 Hrs TT, Wipline 2100 Amphibious Floats, Garmin 796 w/Traffic, Weather and Music! $295,000 View Listing
  • 2007 Aviat Husky A-1B Amphibious

    114 Hrs TT, Wipline 2100 Amphib Floats, Wipline C2200 Hydraulic Skies, Garmin GNS 530 x/WM Weather, Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel. $249,000 View Listing
  • 1997 Aviat Husky A-1 Amphibious

    780 Hrs TT, Lycoming 0-360-A1P 180 HP, Constant Speed Prop, Wipline 2100 Amphibious Floats, 50 Gallon Fuel Capacity, 422.5 lbs useful load. $109,000 View Listing
  • SOLD 2016 Boss 182 Amphibious Conversion

    SOLD Powerful, factory new engine conversion: Ly-Con -580 with 340 HP, ported & polished, New Wipline 3000 Amphibious floats & a personalized paint scheme! SOLD View Listing
  • SOLD 2007 Cessna Turbo 206H

    SOLD Pefect, No Damage, Midwest operated T206H, 980 Hrs TT, NAV III –G1000 WAAS upgrade(s), Flint Tip Tanks (30 gal) 3800 LB GW and standy by alternator. Located in central Minnesota! Call for Details. SOLD View Listing
  • SOLD 1979 Cessna 172 XP Amphibious

    SOLD 2,547 Hrs TT, IO-360 210 HP 924 Hrs Since OH, 368 Hrs SPOH, Wipline 2350 Amphib Floats (new 2014), Factory Corrosion Proofing w/Stainless Cables, Horton STOL and more. SOLD View Listing
  • SOLD 1975 Cessna A185F Amphibious

    SOLD - 2325 Hrs TT, Ly-Con IO-550D Port & Polished 200 Hrs TT SFRM (2014), 3 Blade McCauley PPonk 200 Hrs TT SNEW (2014), New Paint and Interior 11/2014 and many more features. SOLD View Listing
  • SOLD – 1998 Aviat Husky A-1A Amphibious

    640 Hrs TT SNEW, Lycoming 0-360-A1P 180 HP 640 Hrs TT, Hartzell Constant Speed Prop 640 Hrs TT, Wipline 2100 Amphbious Floats SOLD View Listing
  • SOLD – 1978 Cessna 182Q

    Sold-1,923 Hrs TT, O-470-U 2000 HR TBO Upgrade: 281 Hrs SMOH, Custom Avionic Suite w/ Garmin G530W Nav/Com/GPS w/WAAS Upgrade. SOLD View Listing
  • SOLD – 2016 Boss 182 Conversion

    Factory NEW Lycoming -580 315 HP, NEW Composite Hartzell Trailblazer, Custom Garmin Avionics Suite, Heavy Duty Engine Mount and more! SOLD View Listing
  • SOLD: Cessna 175 Award Winning Amphibian

    SOLD: 3,080 Hrs TT, 80 Hrs SMOH, Custom Avionics Suite with Garmin GNS 430W Nav/Com/GPS WAAS, Baumann BF 2550A Amphib Floats, won the Oshkosh Best-in-Class Amphibian. SOLD View Listing
  • SOLD: 1952 DHC-2 Beaver on EDO Straight Floats

    SOLD: 5160 Hrs TT, 220 SMOH, EDO 4930 Straight Floats, Kenmore Seaplane Finlets, Custom Instrument Panel and more. SOLD View Listing
  • SOLD: 1975 Cessna 182P Amphibious

    IO-550 Lycon, 330 HP DYNO 425 Hrs SNEW, Wipline 3000 Amphibious Floats, Garmin 530 Nav/Com/GPS, Garmin GMA -340 Audio Panel, Heavy Duty Engine Mount and more. SOLD View Listing
  • SOLD: 1998 CESSNA 182 Seaplane

    1,495 Hrs TT SNEW, 58 Hrs since Lycoming Engine Overhaul, Wipline 3000 Straight Floats (upgrade to NEW Wipline 3000 Amphibioius Floats available). SOLD View Listing
  • SOLD: 2000 Cessna 182S

    1,940 Hrs TT, IO-540- 1,100 Hrs TT SNEW, Custom Avionics Suite, King KAP 140 Auto Pilot w/ Altitude Preselect and more! SOLD View Listing
  • SOLD: 2005 Found Aircraft FBA-2C1

    450 Hrs TT, Aerocet 3400L Amphibious Floats, Airglide 3600 Hydraulic Skis (both excellent condition), Garmin 250XL Com/GPS, Garmin MX20 MFD. $299,000 SOLD View Listing
  • SOLD: 1979 Cessna U206G Amphibious

    3,173 Hrs TT, IO-520 757 Hrs SFRM, Wipline 3450 Amphibs, Co-Pilot Door, Garmin GNS 530 Nav/Com/GPS, STEC 50 Auto Pilot and more. SOLD View Listing
  • SOLD: 2015 Boss 182 Conversion

    315 HP Normally Aspirated 182! Garmin G500 Glass,Factory NEW engine conversion: Ly-Con -580 with 315 HP, NEW Hartzell Composite Trailblazer Prop. Call for Details SOLD View Listing
  • SOLD: 1985 Cessna A185F Amphibious

    4,307 Hrs TT, 1,153 Hrs SFRM, upgraded IO-550 Engine, Wipline 3730 Amphib, Garmin GPS-100 AVD interfaced w/ S-TEC 50 Auto Pilot. Very clean inside and out. SOLD View Listing
  • SOLD: 2015 Boss 182 Amphibious Conversion

    N580ZZ 2015 Wipaire Boss 182 Amphib Conversion, New Lycoming 580, Ly-Con Ported & Polished 340 HP, New Wipline 3000 Amphibs, Gross Weight Increase to 3500 lbs, New Custom Boss Paint Scheme, Upgraded Garmin GTN 750, Garmin GDL 88 TIS Traffic, EDM 730 Glass Engine Monitor. Call for Details SOLD View Listing
  • SOLD: 1948 DeHavilland DHC-2

    26,100 Hrs TT, 327 Hrs SMOH, 460 Hrs SPOH, Garmin 340 Audio Panel, KC 165 Nav/Com, Cabin Extension and more. $252,000 SOLD View Listing
  • SOLD: 1999 Cessna T206H Amphibious

    1090 Hrs TT, 260 Hrs STOH, Hartzell Seaplane Prop 625 SNEW, Wipline 3450 Amphib Floats, "Wip" Tip Extensions, Garmin 530W/430W Nav/Com/GPS and more. SOLD View Listing
  • SOLD: 2005 American Champion 7GCAA

    The term “pristine” fails to describe this 2005 American Champion 7GCAA! SOLD SOLD View Listing
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