2016 Scholarship Winners Complete Their Seaplane Training

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We are pleased to share that all of our 2016 Ben Wiplinger Memorial Seaplane Scholarship winners have all completed their seaplane training. Wipaire is proud to help these fine pilots expand their horizons and work toward fulfilling the dream of becoming a seaplane rated pilot.

Colin Fink

“I finished my float endorsement on Saturday evening on this Maule M7 with Alpine Aviation in Whitehorse, Yukon. It was a phenomenal experience and I can’t wait to make a career out of it! Thank you guys so much for helping make a dream come true!  I learned a ton about landing on mountain lakes and rivers as well as being in the mountains.”

Dawn Cook

“I was able to complete my commercial SES rating this summer.  It was an exciting adventure and a great learning experience on the water.  Flying floats is an amazing opportunity for anyone and I encourage you to try.  It was my determination, my family’s support, my instructor’s enthusiasm, and I can’t thank Wipaire enough for their support in making my dreams reality!  I can’t wait until I am able to teach others how to fly floats!”

Dr. Kimberly Kanapeckas

“For my initial float training, I flew a 7EC Aeronca Champ. Landing a seaplane gracefully is a thrill like no other, and in less than a full day flying, I became competent taking off and landing in turns and in confined areas. I negotiated currents on small rivers as well as shifting winds, and look forward to adding advanced skills to those I picked up this day on the lake to become a seasoned seaplane pilot. Wipaire provided me with an incomparable opportunity toward becoming a professional seaplane pilot. ”

Kimberly’s day was made even more memorable by a surprise proposal from her boyfriend, who was also working on his seaplane rating that day.

She also shared a short clip of herself performing a smooth seaplane take-off during her training. Watch the video below!

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