Alphabet Soup: What is a DER?

In the complicated world of design approvals for aircraft modifications, the successful development of new products requires a capable and experienced engineering staff. Wipaire’s engineers hold several important authorizations which allow us to continue to bring innovative products to the market.

One of these authorizations is the DER, or Designated Engineering Representative. Designations can be held in different disciplines, such as those held by Wipaire engineer Rich Adler. Rich is both a flight analyst DER as well as an acoustics DER. A DER has been appointed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to approve data on behalf of the FAA. This helps to streamline the approval process as Wipaire can schedule, and conduct, test-related activities without having to wait for FAA personnel to become available.

As a flight analyst DER, Rich is authorized to write test plans, witness flight tests, reduce data, and approve reports relating to aircraft performance. In his acoustics DER role, Rich is authorized to perform functions related to test, analysis, and reporting for the determination of compliance with FAR 36 noise requirements.

It’s important to note that being a DER involves biennial recurrent training, and an annual renewal of the DER privileges, to keep these representatives educated. Rich and our other DERs are a great asset to our engineering team. Check back in a future issue to learn more about our engineering capabilities!