Maintain Your De-Ice Boots

Even a basic detailing can bring new life to your aircraft’s appearance.  With a full line of specialty aviation detailing products and equipment, Wipaire’s FBO Services can remove that stubborn exhaust streak, take out those coffee "incidents" in your upholstery, and get rid of those bugs on your leading edges.

For those aircraft with de-ice boots, FBO Services offers a variety of treatments to both protect and improve, your de-ice boots’ appearance and performance:

Shine: With Goodrich’s Shinemaster Prep and Gloss, you’re boots will match the shine of a newly detailed airframe.

Performance:  With Goodrich’s Icex, your boots will shed ice more efficiently by giving the rubber a more slippery surface that denies ice the ability to build up.

Life Extension:  Goodrich’s AgeMaster will protect and extend the life of your boots by protecting them from weathering and hardening, and penetrating to keep the rubber supple for the life of your aircraft.

Keeping you’re aircraft properly detailed will keep it easier to clean and extend the life of your finish while keeping you aircraft looking showroom new.  Call, e-mail, or stop in to see what Wipaire’s FBO Services can do for your aircraft.