Maintain Your Shine!

Dave Utsch Paint and Interior Manager -WipaireKeeping your aircraft looking good year after year can be easily attained by following some recommended tips.

Using powerful degreasers is an easy way to remove oil and exhaust tracks on the belly of aircraft. Powerful degreasing chemicals not only strip off the oil, they also take any wax or protectant that was shielding your paint from all of the elements. Just make sure you apply a new coat of protectant to the affected area.

Windows get more punishment than deserved. When you are cleaning your aircraft, make sure the windows are free from any dirt that may be on the surface. When wiping the windows use a clean cloth. Even a little dirt can scratch them to the point the windows become hazy and sun-glare will be very bothersome.

Basically, periodic cleaning and waxing is always a good idea to protect your investment. If your aircraft no longer beads water when you wash it and it is getting dull, it is more than likely due for polishing and a coat of wax. In some cases the finish on an aircraft is actually due for a complete refinish if waxing no longer does the job. Either way, bring your airplane to the professionals at Wipaire and we will be more than willing to look at your aircraft and get you an honest opinion to help make it look new again.

Be sure to ask about our other great services while you are at Wipaire. This will help you get all our aircraft needs completed in one stop. Wipaire will get you on your way and looking great!