Preparing for the Flight to Sun ‘n Fun

Of course, that’s aviation language for “Planning Your Cross-Country Flight To Sun ‘n Fun.” The event for 2009 will be held April 21st – 26th in sunny Lakeland, Florida—KLAL. If a seaplane is your method of transportation—and I assume it is—here are a few helpful hints before getting under way to the best spring break destination in Florida: Plan three separate days for your departure; plan A, B and C. This provides options to enable the pilot to live with the weather. Watch the weather systems two to three days before “plan A” day. Plan B or C might work out better after tracking the weather. Remember, spending one delay day at home is better than spending one “stuck” day in Cornwell, Tennessee. Thunderstorms will most likely be the largest weather concern in April. Again, pay attention to the weather systems. I can’t help everyone with trip times and fuel costs, but here are a few selected one way routes considering fuel at $6.00 per gallon and 120 knots average ground speed:

Departure Point Flight Time Fuel Cost
Bangor, ME 10.0 hours $1,080
Chicago, IL 7.5 hours $810
Minneapolis, MN 9.5 hours $1,026
Atlanta, GA 3.0 hours $324
New York, NY 7.2 hours $778

Visit for information on the “Fly-In NOTAM," arrival procedures, seaplane accommodations and FBO services. Bring your sun screen and have “sun and fun.”