Spare Parts, Save Cash!

As float season comes into full swing for many of our customers, we are reminded daily of what good preventive maintenance can do, and why it can be so important to stock just a few spare parts on a shelf.

Items like gear advisory bulbs, water rudder pulleys, wheel bearings, and tires on a shelf in the hangar can mean the difference between an enjoyable flight in your plane and having to wait for a parts order to arrive. By keeping just a few parts on the shelf, you can also save money on shipping as there are fewer parts that have to be rushed to you.

Each aircraft is different, and each owner or operator has different needs, but everyone can benefit from maintaining a relatively inexpensive spare parts inventory, and doing some basic routine preventive maintenance to ensure their aircraft is fit to fly when they want to use it. We’re more than happy to talk about our recommendations for spare parts for your aircraft and floats, and with Wipaire’s 24/7 Customer Service, we’re always here to help answer your questions so you can get back in the air.

Rachel Norman
Customer Service Manager