Spring Cleaning for Your Aircraft

Does the warming
weather have you antsy to
wake your airplane from its
winter slumber? After not having seen
your plane for a few months, a few
new nicks and chips in your paint might
be jumping out at you. These nicks
and chips happen, but they are not as
difficult to handle as you might think.
The best way to cure these little paint
imperfections is to clean the area very
well and then use a touch-up brush with
the same paint that is on your airplane.
It is a good idea to use a catalyst in the
paint so it fully dries for long durability.
After you have all the areas touched up,
apply a Carnauba base wax. This wax
is very easy to apply and will protect
your aircraft finish for years to come. Be
careful not to apply wax in your static
ports, nor to apply direct water spray
into them.
Now that you have the outside of your
airplane looking shiny and new, you
might also notice that the interior could
use a little care. You can purchase all
the products that you need to touchup
your aircraft interior at Lake & Air, Inc.
Always test any product in an inconspicuous
area to ensure that the product will
not change the look of your material. If
you have leather, be sure to treat it with
a conditioner to add moisture back into
it. This will lengthen the life span of
your leather interior by keeping it soft
and supple. Feel free to contact us with
any questions you might have on caring
for your paint or interiors, we are here
to help you preserve your investment.