Wipline 7000 Float Now Approved!

On Friday, June 11, 2010, we received Supplemental Type Certification (STC) for the Quest KODIAK on our Wipline amphibious 7000 float from the FAA showing that our design meets all applicable FAA regulations. The Quest KODIAK certification program has taken roughly three years to complete. This includes not only certification of the aircraft on the floats, but a complete design and development cycle for the 7000 float. It took 287 flights, totaling 162 hours of flying, to certify the KODIAK on floats. Certifying the Quest KODIAK proved to be significantly more work than many of the previous engineering programs due to the fact that the aircraft had never been floated before and was certified to the newest and most stringent version of FAR 23, the set of regulations that we are required to follow for this aircraft.

Wipline 7000 floats are the latest addition to Wipaire?s Wipline family of products. The hulls are modeled after the successful Wipline 13000 Floats which have improved rough water handling qualities and also include the traditional Wipline flat top deck for easy loading and safety. A completely redesigned main gear system keeps maintenance simple and reliability high. These features and many others make this the most advanced and feature rich float produced yet.

The Wipline 7000 float has been in full production since December when it received TSOA and initial deliveries to customers are currently underway.

Click Here to view the Wipline 7000 Float page for full specifications.