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Florida Seaplanes

FLORIDA SEAPLANES offers high performance/complex seaplane training for Private, Commercial and ATP SES, SEL, and MES ratings using late model Maule M7-235 Super Rockets on straight and amphibious floats, and a classy Grumann G44A Widgeon. We are not young gents trying to build flight hours, but are older and experienced CFII’s with thousands of hours on floats, not just a few hundred. We are here to train you at all levels of experience, safely! 47.5 years accident free. Come join us for some fun in the process of learning!!

Foothill Aviation

Single engine seaplane ratings, mountain and high altitude training in the beautiful Sierras, flight reviews, currency, scenic flights (charter soon). Piper PA22-160S with wing extensions. We can pick up from airport and have courtesy car available. Great vacation spot, bring a friend and stay a few days. Allready have a float plane and want high altitude training? We can provide an instructor to fly with. See our web site pictures, rates and links to the local area.

Grand Seaplanes

Lake Amphibian Training $240/ hour
No solo rental
room & board available at our cabin

Hammonds Air Service

Minimum five hours for seaplane rating with emphasis on local flying conditions. Located at Hammonds SPB on Intracoastal Waterway. Docking. Rental cars. Year-round training, 45 mi SW of New Orleans. ATP SEL/SES available to those who qualify in Cessna 185 amphib. Own both an FBO at the airport as well as the seaplane operation. Course includes five hours of intensive dual training and one hour check ride. All Maneuvers pertaining to seaplane flying for courses.