Yukon Propeller by Wipaire and Hartzell – Copy

Wipaire is proud to introduce the new Hartzell four-blade carbon composite prop, the Yukon, which offers up to a 31% decrease in total take-off distance from water and up to a 26% decrease from land.

This translates into safer take off and landings on smaller lakes and shorter runways. Another big improvement is in weight. Coming in at 137 lbs, it is up to 19 lbs lighter than other available props.

What you need to know:

  • Deposits are being taken by Wipaire
  • 110 Inches in diameter
  • Weight: 137 lbs
  • No change in stall speeds
  • Carbon composite construction and nickel leading edge reduces concerns for corrosion
  • Available with TKS, electric de-ice boots or without icing equipment
  • Optional pitch locks

Applies to:

  • C208 & C208B floated or wheeled
  • PT6A-114A 675 SHP Engine
  • PT6A-140 867 SHP Engine

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