Cessna 182 Performance & Gross Weight Enhancements

Cessna 182 with Lycoming 580 Engine InstalledCessna 182 performance and gross weight enhancements are now back on track.
After a two year hiatus, due to the Kodiak certification program, Wipaire engineers are moving forward with the development of many new modifications and improvements to this ever popular Cessna built legend.

Lycoming IO-580 Engine Installation

This modification features the Lycoming IO-580 cubic inch engine developing 315 horsepower right out of the box. The aircraft is being tested with a Hartzell 84 inch diameter “Top Prop” and a Hartzell 80 inch wide chord composite prop. Thrust measurements exceed the stock engine by almost 500 pounds! This installation will be available for Lycoming powered 182 airplanes and pretty much bolts right in. Wipaire has had a prototype aircraft flying for well over two years while our engineering team addressed intake, exhaust and cooling issues.
This modification will be the ultimate end for those who want the mightiest 182.

Gross Weight Increase for Seaplane/Amphibious Aircraft

Cessna 182 wing heavily loaded for strength testing.Wipaire engineers have been developing a series of upgross modifications for the 182 since 2008. The three kits will support gross weights of 3250 lbs, 3370 lbs and 3500 lbs. The 3250 lb kit will require no airframe or engine modifications and will apply to all existing Wipline equipped 182 aircraft. The 3370 and 3500 kits will require structural modifications to varying degrees. All structural testing is complete for all three kits and flight testing for the 3370 and 3500 kits will be completed during the summer of 2011. All testing is complete for the 3250 kit and it will be available in spring of 2011.


Improved Engine Mount and Forward Float Attach

During the development of the high gross kit options (3370 and 3500 lbs) Wipaire engineers decided to develop them using an engine mount similar to the Seaplanes West mount and with float attach fittings similar to those of the Seaplane West kit. Even though this method is more expensive and complex (because you need a new engine mount) than the original Wipaire “center mount” method, it provides a more direct load path to the fuselage side skins, which Cessna 182 improved engine mountis desirable for the significantly higher bow loads for the 3500 kit. One windfall of this effort was that our engineers developed a method of transferring the compressive load between the lower float attachment that is permanently affixed to the lower firewall and replaces the lateral tube that must be removed and reinstalled every time you remove and reinstall your floats. This one feature will save the owner many man hours a year associated with the float removal and reinstallation process. Another advantage of this design is that because the cross tube is no longer necessary while your floats are installed, you no longer need to remove your lower firewall cooling fairings. This allows your engine to cool much more efficiently, using all of the cooling apparatus that Cessna designed into the cowl flap system. The final advantage of the Wipaire engine mount attach system is that it accommodates the lower cowl Dzus fasteners, as opposed to the Seaplanes West design, whereby they discard the lower fasteners thereby leaving the lower cowl unsupported. Wipaire manufactured engine mounts will be available for not only the 182, but also the 180 and 185, and all have been tested for engines up to 350 HP.

You may have noticed that the Wipaire engine mount and forward airframe modifications are somewhat more extensive and robust than the Seaplanes West counterpart. This is for two reasons: first, the Wipaire kit meets strength requirements for a full 3500 pound gross weight; secondly, Wipaire has provided for a center of gravity (CG) envelope two inches farther forward. Since most 182 amphibians are very “nose heavy” and require ballast in the tail to fly within the normal CG limit, this feature will be very valuable indeed. Again, we stress that the Wipaire 3250 pound gross weight increase will be compatible with the current Seaplanes West engine mount and seaplane kit.

Cessna 182 Airframe Testing at Wipaire, Inc.Cessna 182 Gross Weight Increase Testing

An example of our rigorous testing practices.