FAA Approval on 7000 Float Structure

Wipaire is making steady progress on certification of their Wipline model 7000 float, designed for the Quest Kodiak. The innovative float structure received FAA approval in early December via a Technical Standard Order authorization, or TSO. With the FAA’s approval of the structure and design confirmed, Wipaire is turning their full attention to the remainder of flight testing, and expects full approval of the installation 1st quarter, 2010. Aircraft are currently on the ramp awaiting the Supplemental Type Certificate approval and installation of Wipline model 7000 floats.

The Quest Kodiak, designed to access short, unimproved back country strips, coupled with Wipaire’s innovative new floats, will whisk passengers to the most remote lakes and rivers in safety and comfort. The hulls are modeled after the successful Wipline model 13000 floats which have improved rough water handling qualities and also include the traditional Wipline flat top deck for easy loading and safety. A completely redesigned main gear system keeps maintenance simple and reliability high. These features and many others make this the most advanced and feature rich float produced yet.