New Exhaust Deflector for Cessna Caravan Series

We have released a new exhaust deflector for Cessna’s Caravan series of turboprop aircraft. This exhaust deflector is approved for Cessna 208 Caravans and 208B Grand Caravans (including the Grand Caravan EX) with the straight Cessna exhaust. The deflector has received United States approval via the Wipline floats Supplemental Type Certificate and can be installed on aircraft with Wipline 8000 and 8750 floats, as well as on landplanes with a float kit installed.

“The new exhaust deflector directs the exhaust away from the belly of the aircraft, which keeps the aircraft cleaner,” stated Dale Fehrenbach, director of sales and marketing. “Our customers have previously requested a way to keep their float steps clean from exhaust soot while on floats, so we’re pleased to make this product available to them. They’ll also be able to take advantage of a clean belly when in the landplane configuration as well.”

The new deflector requires the installation of the extended forward crosswire fitting on Cessna 208 Caravan aircraft when on floats. This modification is not available for aircraft equipped with the twisted exhaust and cargo pod or TKS fairing.