“Smart” Amphibious Gear Advisory System Certified

We are very pleased to announce the certification of the first "smart" amphibious gear advisory system. The system has been certified for installation in the Cessna 182 on Wipline 3000 floats.

The new system is centered around a laser array "eye," which detects if the aircraft is over water or land, and can be combined with a second-generation gear selector and display (currently completing the certification process). The laser provides intelligent warnings to the pilot, only providing an audible reminder to check the gear when the aircraft is in the wrong configuration for the detected landing surface. This functionality is also tied to a timer, which reminds the pilot to check the landing gear position if the gear is not raised within 60 seconds after takeoff. The intelligent warning system aids the pilot in the flurry of post-takeoff activity and increases safety by providing a reminder to ensure the gear is in the correct position for a given phase of flight. This feature is especially of note to pilots who routinely fly short flights from paved airports to a body of water.