Wipaire SPF System Now G1000 Compatible

Wipaire, Inc. announces the certification of their new and improved Single Point Fueling System for the Cessna Caravan. The G-2 edition of the Single Point Fueling System is now fully compatible with the Garmin G1000 and features precise electronic fuel level monitoring.

Wipaire’s Single Point Fueling System G-2 is compatible with the Cessna 208 or 208B Caravan equipped with either G1000 or resistive fuel quantity systems. The system can be installed on the aircraft in either landplane or seaplane configuration. An upgrade option is also available for aircraft previously equipped with an older Aviadesign system.

The Wipaire Single Point Fueling System G-2 enables the aircraft to be filled from the ground, eliminating the risk of leading edge damage from over the wing fueling. Ladders are no longer required, enabling the Cessna Caravan to be fueled more safely and expeditiously. Wipaire’s new electronic monitoring ensures that the aircraft is reliably topped-off and an all new digital display with touch screen controls ensures an easy interface for the user. Also new to the G-2 edition is the flexibility to display fuel quantities in gallons, liters, kilograms or pounds.

With over 100 STCs, Wipaire, Inc. is not just for aircraft floats – for additional information on the Single Point Fueling System G-2 or other STCs, contact Wipaire, Inc. at 651.451.1205.