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The Wipaire Window

Flying, Safety
Techniques to help any amphibious pilot increase their safety and help avoid gear down landings.
Categories: Flight & Training, Safety
Avionics, Innovation
This is more than a retrofit installation – it is truly a transformation.
Categories: Innovation
Aircraft Care, Interiors
Quick care tips from our interiors department manager.
Categories: Aircraft Care
Flying, Safety, Training
Experience Flight Instructor, Brian Addis, looks at the importance of assessing the risks and benefits of a flight choice.
Categories: Flight & Training, Safety
Alaska, Flying, Scholarship, Training
Ben Wiplinger Memorial Seaplane Scholarship recipient Willow Hetrick shares her experience earning her rating in beautiful Alaska.
Categories: Flight & Training
Cessna 185 on Wipline 3000 Floats
Aircraft Purchasing, Aircraft Sales, Customer Feature, Featured Articles, Recreational Flying, Wipline Floats
While many of our features focus on customers who purchased new floats, Barnaby worked with our aircraft sales team to select the right floatplane for his mission and is now a proud partner in a Cessna 185 on Wipline 3000 floats.
Categories: Customer Features

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