Wipline AirGlide Skis


For outstanding performance in any snow conditions, our skis will get you there and back.

Our non-penetration skis offer peak performance on either snow or the runway. Compromised penetration skis result in extra drag from a wheel during a snow landing or take-off and potential damage to the ski on dry ground. Our ski operates as either a full ski OR a wheel at your discretion. Now you don’t have to sacrifice performance for convenience!

Our skis take you away from the runways and landing strips and into the wilderness. They are the finest skis available. You’ll have so much fun with these skis it’ll be hard to go back to floats in the spring! We offer ski installation packages for many aircraft.

Ski Models:

  • C2200 – Piper PA-18, Aviat Husky A1, A1-A, A1-B, Maule M-4, M-5, M-6
  • C3000 – Cessna 170 – 170B, 180 – 180F, Maule M-4, M-5, M-6, M-7
  • C3000A – American Champion 8GCBC
  • C3200 – Cessna 180 – 180F (STC SA3-161), 180G – 180K (TC), 185 – A185F (TC)
  • C3600 – Cessna 180J – 180K, Cessna 185 – A185F
  • CT3000 Tail Ski – all models listed above, Scott 3200 and 3400 Tail Wheels.
  • 2000T Tail Ski – de Havilland Beaver DHC-2 MK I, II, III

We stock parts for current production model skis: C2200, C3000, C3200, C3600 and CT3000 & Beaver 2000T Tail Skis.

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