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Compliance Form

Wipaire is committed to continually improving our processes so that we can provide the best customer experience possible. Having accurate service letter and service kit compliance information is a valuable tool for our customers when it comes time to service their floats. In an effort to provide a more efficient inspection process, we have revised our service letter and kit process to include a compliance reporting segment. After a service letter or kit has been completed, we ask that the customer or maintenance professional who has serviced the floats visits our webpage and fills out a simple form. We will then update the status of the float in our records to show that the floats comply with that letter or kit. In the future, if there is a question as to the status of that set of floats we can reference our records and help resolve the inquiry. Another benefit of this effort is that it will allow us to better understand the Wipline fleet status as a whole. This gives us the insight to provide more efficient technical support for our products and help us understand the fleet’s current configurations and geographic distribution worldwide. Thank you for your participation!