Cessna Caravan Series

For over 30 years, the Cessna Caravan has been recognized as the sport utility vehicle of the air. Wipaire® combines this workhorse of an aircraft with our rugged Wipline® 8750 floats and a variety of performance and convenience modifications to create an impressive seaplane that will fly you from your business meeting to your weekend getaway destination.

If you’ve been dreaming of flying your Caravan right to the lake then take a look at Wipline 8750 floats. Amphibious or seaplane models are available for the Cessna 208, 208B and 208B-EX. Wipline floats are known for both performance and durability and with over 55 years in the business you can buy with confidence knowing that we’ll still be here to support our products for years to come.

Maybe your Caravan has seen better days. With a full service refinishing and interiors department we can get her looking good as new with an Aurora™ executive interior. While she’s here our maintenance team will get her running at the top of her game and with an avionics upgrade you’ll be enjoying your air time even more!

Wipaire’s aircraft services team prides itself in providing world-class services with the most comprehensive facility in the Midwest. Having full-service maintenance, painting, interior and avionics facilities under one roof is key to assuring minimal ground time for your aircraft and simplifying the process. We also offer a ferry service if it is not convenient for you to bring the aircraft to our facility. Our reputation for quality and convenience is widely known throughout the industry.

Wipaire can get your Caravan running, and looking, better than ever. If you already have an idea what you need then please contact us to request more information.

Wipline® 8750 Floats for the Caravan

Flying to the remote Canadian Shield or hopping between white sand beaches of the islands, Wipaire can outfit your Caravan with the versatility you need. The Cessna Caravan is frequently referred to as the sport utility vehicle of the air. Combine this workhorse of an aircraft with a set of rugged Wipline 8750 floats and our performance, convenience or utility enhancing modifications and you have an aircraft that will fly you from business meeting to your weekend getaway.

Features and Benefits

  • Amphibious or seaplane floats available
  • The 208 Caravan has a gross weight increase to 8,750 pounds on floats, an increase of 750 lbs from the stock Caravan gross weight
  • The 208B Caravan has a gross weight of 9,062 pounds on floats, a 255 pound increase over the Grand Caravan EX stock gross weight
  • Available for the Grand Caravan EX, Grand Caravan with Blackhawk XP140 Performance Upgrade, and the 675 hp Grand Caravan
  • Features more buoyancy at the aft of the float than the legacy 8000 float
  • Hull features fluted, high deadrise forward bottoms and extra buoyancy — inspired by our very successful 13000 float for the Twin Otter, which is renowned for its superior handling in high seas and wind
  • Best nose and main gear on the market, proven in the field and imitated by competitors
  • Low maintenance main gear retraction mechanism and oleo design with no latches or slides to lubricate or stick
  • Main gear oil bath wheels reduce maintenance and replacement costs by continuously lubricating the wheel bearings
  • Internal cables for water rudder controls
  • Non-skid coated, flat top decks for safety
  • Enhanced safety with Wipaire’s exclusive Laser Gear Advisory system and gear position indicator on the float deck of amphibious floats
  • Four large float hatches for gear with 150 pounds carrying capacity each
  • Aluminum skins and parts are laser cut and rivet holes are pre-punched so that replacement parts fit perfectly
  • Replaceable wear strips on main keel for ease of maintenance

8750 Floats Specifications

Float Dimensions
Length – Seaplane 31’2" (9.5 m)
Length – Amphibian 31’9" (9.68 m)
Height – Hull 3’3" (0.99 m)
Width – Hull 3’6″ (1.07 m)
Float Locker Capacity (each) 150 lbs (68 kg)
Displacement in Fresh Water
Amphibious Floats 8,240 lbs (3,738 kg)
Seaplane Floats 8,741 lbs (3,965 kg)
Maximum Flotation
Amphibious Floats 9,155 lbs (4,153 kg)1
Seaplane Floats 9,712 lbs (4,405 kg)1
1) Per FAR 23.751with 80% reserve buoyancy (2 floats)


Weight for 8750 Floats on a Cessna 208, 208B and 208B-EX
Amphibian System Total Weight 1,678 lbs (761 kg)
Amphibian Exchange Weight 1,142 lbs (518 kg)2
Seaplane System Total Weight 1,294 lbs (587 kg)
Seaplane Exchange Weight 757 lbs (343 kg)2
Aircraft Gross Weight for 208 8,750 lbs (3,969 kg)
Aircraft Gross Weight for 208B, 208B-EX 9,062 lbs (4,110 kg)
2) Exchange weight is equal to the float installation weight minus aircraft landing gear weight.
Cessna 208 Performance on Amphibious Floats
Model Caravan Grand Caravan
Engine PT6A-114A (675 HP) PT6A-140A (867 HP)
Take off run (land) 1,431 ft (436 m) 1,826 ft (556 m)
Take off over 50 ft obstacle (land) 2,422 ft (738 m) 2,425 ft (739 m)
Take off run (water) 2,341 ft (714 m) 2,000 ft (610 m)
Take off over 50 ft obstacle (water) 3,660 ft (1,116 m) 3,270 ft (997 m)
Rate of climb (per/min) 947 ft (289 m) 1,212 ft (369 m)

8750 Floats Pricing

Aircraft Floats & Rigging Installation Total

Amphibious Seaplane    Amphibious Seaplane Amphibious Seaplane
Cessna 208 Call for Price Call for Price Call for Price Call for Price Call for Price Call for Price
Cessna 208B, 208B EX Call for Price Call for Price Call for Price Call for Price Call for Price Call for Price

Modifications for the Cessna Caravan Series

Wipaire® is most often known as being the leading designer and manufacturer of Wipline® floats. In reality, Wipaire has been engineering and building the highest performing and most popular aircraft modifications since 1960. We offer a long list of the industry’s finest performance enhancing modifications and factory upgrades for both the 208 and 208B.

Select a modification to learn more:

  • Single Point Fueling (208 & 208B) – Available exclusively at Wipaire!

    Outfit your Caravan with Wipaire’s single point fueling system and save time. Adding single point fueling capability makes your fuel stops at airports simpler, safer and faster. This modification enables your Caravan to be fueled by standard fueling trucks at ground level removing the requirement for tall ladders and filling tanks individually. Reduce your fueling time so you can get on to your destination faster!

    • Available on floats or wheels
    • Compatible with G1000 or resistive fuel systems
    • Easy to use digital touch screen control panel
    • High precision fuel measurement controls
    • Electronic fuel level monitoring for reliable fuel top off
    • Measure fuel in gallons, liters, kilograms or pounds
    • Master power not required to fuel
    • Pilot does not need to be present during refueling
    • Eliminate the risk of TKS anti-ice system or wing damage from over-the-wing fueling

    Single Point Fueling Specifications

    Installation Weight 42 lbs (19 kg) for landplane and with Wipline 8000 floats
    54 lbs (24 kg) with Wipline 8750 floats
    Refueling Rate 60 gal/min at 40 psi
    Power Requirement 5 amps DC
    Install Location – Control at aft end of the Pilot’s L/H side console panel
    – Nozzle Aft of the left hand gear for landplane
    – On the left hand pylon for seaplane


    Adding single point fueling capability makes your fuel stops at airports simpler, safer and faster.
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  • Gross Weight Increase to 9,187 lbs on Wipline 8750 floats (208B EX, or 208B with Blackhawk XP140 engine conversion, on 8750 floats)
    Wipaire, Inc. has received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval to increase the Cessna Grand Caravan’s gross weight to 9,187 lbs. (4,167 kg) on Wipline 8750 floats. The Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) adds 125 lbs. (56 kg) of useful load and is available for floated aircraft equipped with the PT6A-140 engine. Eligible aircraft include production Grand Caravan EX aircraft and Grand Caravans equipped with Blackhawk Modifications’ XP140 conversion.

    “More useful load means more of what matters to our customers—whether that is passengers, cargo, or the family pet,” noted Clint E. Clouatre, Vice President of Marketing & Sales. “To make this possible, Wipaire’s engineering team thoroughly analyzed and tested the Grand Caravan to approve the higher gross weight. Our robust engineering capabilities exist to deliver more to our customers every day, and we’re excited to make this upgrade available.”

    The gross weight increase to 9,187 lbs. is available immediately and is priced at $12,500. Eligible aircraft include:
    • New production or in-service Grand Caravan EX aircraft on Wipline 8750 floats
    • Grand Caravan aircraft modified with the Blackhawk XP140 engine conversion on Wipline 8750 floats

    Add one or two more passengers to the manifest — or allow transport of that extra cargo that would have been left behind.
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  • Gross Weight Increase to 8,360 lbs (208 only, compatible with amphibian /seaplane/ landplane)
    Wipaire can bring your Cessna 208 on wheels or Wipline 8000 floats up to 8,360 lb gross weight. If your 208 is now certified for 8,000 or 8,200 lb., increasing the gross up to 8, 360 lb. can add one or two more passengers to the manifest — or allow transport of that extra cargo that would have been left behind.

    At Wipaire, performance engineering is a way of life. We heartily recommend the STC be added with any engine overhaul or changeover from 600 h.p. to 675 h.p. conversion.

    Whether you are flying to a peaceful getaway or to the remote corners of the world, your 8,360 lb. Caravan will deliver you, your passengers, and your payload with ease.

    Add one or two more passengers to the manifest — or allow transport of that extra cargo that would have been left behind.
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  • Boarding Ladder (208 & 208B on Wipline 8750 amphibious floats)

    The amphibious Caravan is an impressive aircraft but boarding from the ramp can be a bit of a challenge, particularly for mobility impaired passengers. The Wipaire boarding ladder allows passengers to board the aircraft from the ground with ease. The boarding ladder has four wide steps for stability and extending hand rails going from 40" when collapsed up to 69" when extended. This durable aluminum ladder securely attaches to brackets on the float deck and utilizes rubber bumpers to prevent damage to the float sidewalls and paint.

    Increase safety and enhance the experience of seaplane travel for your passengers with this durable aluminum boarding ladder for Wipline 8750 floats.
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More Popular Modifications for the Cessna Caravan Series:

  • Aurora™ Interior (STCSA01397NY) (208 & 208B)
  • Horsepower Increase to 675 HP (208 only)
  • Seaplane Firewall Modifications (208 & 208B)
  • AeroTwin Extended Baggage Kits (208 & 208B)
  • Propeller Pitch Locks (208 & 208B)

Other Modification Services Available:

Ice Shield De-Ice Systems

De-ice boot installation by Wipaire.

Wipaire is proud to be an approved Ice Shield de-icing systems de-ice boot installation center.

Wipaire can help you make sure your aircraft is ready the next time you encounter icing conditions.
From Cessna singles to the King Air line to DeHavilland Twin Otters, Wipaire factory trained technicians can remove and replace aged or damaged de-ice boots with new Ice Shield Boots.  

Call today for competitive pricing and fast turn around service. 



  • Blackhawk XP140 Performance Upgrade to 867 hp
  • Factory Air Conditioning
  • Factory De-Ice Systems
  • Cargo POD Installations (208 & 208B)
  • Hartzell & McCauley Aluminum Propellers (208 only)

Modification Pricing

Call for Current Pricing

Avionics for the Cessna 208

The avionics division at Wipaire® offers a full array of navigation, weather detection and communication technology. We are a certified Garmin dealer, as well as most other major brands. We have the experience and resources to transform your cockpit to glass. We can also repair any problems with your existing avionics system.

The Wipaire team will work with you to create the features you need to ensure a safe, smooth, enjoyable ride.

  • Garmin G1000 specialists
  • Custom cabin entertainment systems
  • Perform IFR certification
  • Sales & installation of new, custom avionics suites
  • Service for existing avionics


Click Here to Learn More About Our Avionics Services

Interiors for the Cessna Caravan


If your interior is starting to show its age then why not upgrade with Wipaire®!

Wipaire’s aircraft interiors facility is able to do anything from small repairs to complete interior renovations, we’ll work with you to formulate the interior that fits your needs.

  • Committed to quality
  • Professional grade craftsmanship
  • Save time! Interior installed concurrent with maintenance
  • Custom design service

Click Here to Learn More About Our Interiors Services


Aurora™ Interior for the Cessna Caravan Series (STC SA01397NY)

Introducing a new standard in comfort, luxury and utility.

With an Aurora interior by Wipaire you can have all the comforts of a business jet. From the luxurious feel of supple leather to spacious seating arrangements, your passengers will feel pampered from the moment they step onto your Caravan. Whether conducting a business meeting en route to their destination or getting a head start on their relaxing vacation, your passengers will find the extra amenities indispensable.




  • Custom style and design
  • Luxurious overstuffed or classic smooth finish seats
  • Reclining seats for comfort
  • Full function swivel seats with adjustable arm rests
  • Supple top grain leather upholstery
  • Side tables with leather writing inserts
  • Optional divan seat with portable potty




  • Stowable side tables
  • Power stations
  • Three-drawer refreshment cabinet with ice compartment
  • Built-in cup holders
  • Concealed under seat storage
  • Optional entertainment system




  • Wood veneer, leather wrapped, or laminate cabinetry
  • Brushed aluminum hardware
  • Plating options available
  • Top grain leather
  • Side tables with leather writing inserts
  • Sidewall accent trim
  • Decorative lower sidewall fabric


Standard Finish Packages

The Aurora interior for the Cessna Caravan series is available in many configurations to fit your needs and desires. Choose from one of our standard color schemes or work with our design team to create your ideal interior. All Aurora interiors are available with options such as top-grain leather seats, decorative lower sidewall fabric and a transitional sidewall trim with veneer accent. Cabinets offering convenient storage for beverages, pilot gear, carry-on luggage and more are available in a variety of finishes including high-gloss wood veneer laminate or leather wrapped.


Sidewall: Camelot Lancelot “Camel”
Leather: Avion “Cotton”
Carpet: Vanguard “Oatmeal”
Veneer: Redwood Burl


Sidewall: Skyscraper “Scaffold”
Leather: Chatham “Thundercloud”
Carpet: Treasure Chest “Slate 5”
Veneer: Burled Maple

Tuscan Sun

Sidewall: Geneve “Straw”
Leather: Avion “Canyon”
Carpet: Treasure Chest “Wheat 16”
Veneer: Birdeye Maple


Seating Configurations

Cessna 208

Forward Club – 6 Passenger

6 Seat Executive Interior

Full Capacity – 8 Passenger

Full Capacity Cessna 208 Aurora Interior Layout



Cessna 208B & 208B EX

Forward Club – 8 Passenger

Forward Club 8 Seat Configuration for the Caravan

Aft Club – 8 Passenger

Aft Club 8 Seat Configuration for the Caravan

Aft Club With Cabinets – 8 Passenger

Aft Club with Cabinets 8 Seat Configuration for the Caravan

Full Capacity – 8 Passenger

Full Capacity Configuration for the Cessna Caravan

Maintenance for the Cessna Caravan

Wipaire maintenance tech working on a Cessna Caravan PT6 engine

Wipaire® has been providing aircraft maintenance and float installations for over 25 years. Wipaire is an FAA certified repair station, as well as a Cessna single engine and Caravan 208 service center.

We can complete any of your restoration or upgrade needs.  From annual inspections to wing tip extensions to vortex generators to engine upgrades, major to minor, we are here to help.

Additional Wipaire maintenance services:

  • Caravan landing gear inspection & repair.
  • Full lead acid battery service.
  • G1000 trained system mechanics.
  • On or off site PT6 borescope inspections, image capture capability for download if requested.
  • PT6 hot section & repair service
  • Weight and balance service, float plane and land plane.
  • Float removal, storage, inspection and repair.
  • Annual service
  • Pre buy inspections for buyer or seller.

Visit our maintenance page to learn more about our full range of services available for your aircraft.

Refinishing for the Cessna Caravan Series

If you can imagine it we can make it real. Paint by Wipaire® is custom designed and matched to existing elements and can be as simple or exotic as you desire. Airbrushing art and custom decals are part of our everyday processes. Experience and intricate attention to detail are our foundation for creating the highest quality product.

  • We specialize in custom requests
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Committed to quality
  • Custom design service
  • Craftsmanship with extensive training

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