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The Cessna 182 is already a great performance machine but when you need a little more we're here to help. The 3000 float is our best known modification but we also have performance and utility modifications for the 182.

When you need to get the most out of your Cessna 182, Wipaire's performance- and utility-enhancing modifications are up to the task.

Boss 182 - IO-580 Engine Conversion

Our Boss 182 Lycoming IO-580 engine conversion is the most powerful factory-new engine conversion available to 182 owners. It produces 315 hp stock, and 340 hp after engine tuning by Ly-Con. Our newly designed high-flow tuned exhaust system also adds effective horsepower and a variety of propellers are available to muscle you out of the water and get you climbing.

Benefits of this modification don't stop with stellar performance. The included firewall beef-up and heavy-duty engine mount improves not only the potential gross weight of the aircraft but also ease of maintenance by removing the awkward cross brace found in other mounts. The Wipline 3000 equipped 182 features an enhanced chord rudder that improves crosswind operations, and larger ventral fin giving directional stability that rivals the 206 or even a 208 Caravan!

Pair this phenomenal engine conversion with Wipaire's gross weight increase to 3,500 lbs for the utmost in utility while on Wipline 3000 floats. With this combination, you can carry more than your neighbor and still beat him off the water! Compared to a stock 182S or 182T at 3,250 lbs, a Boss 182 with a gross weight increase to 3,500 lbs will beat the stock-engined airplane off the water with a 23% shorter water run. Not impressive enough for you? The Boss 182 will also haul you up and away with a 40% greater rate of climb, even when equipped with our gross weight increase to 3,500 lbs.

The Boss 182 engine conversion is available for the Cessna 182S and 182T models in both landplane and floatplane configurations.

Boss 182 Standard Configuration Includes:

  • Lycoming IO-580-B1A engine (315 hp stock, up to 340 hp with optional port and polish.)
  • Hartzell Trailblazer propeller w/ spinner
    • 82" Composite Propeller
  • Digital engine monitor
    • MVP-50 or EDM 930
  • Landplane engine mount (reuse)
  • Overhauled prop governor
  • 60 amp alternator (reuse)
  • Tuned exhause
  • New vacuum manifold
  • Reuse firewall forward
    • All hoses and lines
    • Engine control cables

*Installation includes a gross weight increase to 3,158 lbs take off / 3,000 lbs landing on wheels.

Additional Options Include:

  • MT composite propeller w/spinner - MTV-9-B/210-58
  • Remarked analog gauges
  • Rebuild seaplane engine mount
  • New seaplane engine mount
  • New prop governor
  • 90 amp alternator
  • New firewall forward
    • All new hoses and lines
    • New engine control cables
Increase to 340 HP:

The Boss 182 is already an impressive performer but for even more spirited performance owners may elect to have port, polish and flow balance services completed by Ly-Con.

Dyno testing confirms that this can increase total output to 340+ hp!

Performance Comparison on Wipline 3000 Floats

IO-580 at 3,100 lb GW IO-540 at 3,100 lb GW
Engine Lycoming IO-580 (315 HP) Lycoming IO-540 (230 HP)
Take off run (land) 808 ft (246 m) 981 ft (299 m)
Take off run over 50 ft obstacle (land) 1,423 ft (434 m) 1,444 ft (440 m)
Take off run (water) 1,189 ft (363 m) 1,392 ft (425 m)
Take off run over 50 ft obstacle (water) 1,833 ft (559 m) 2,098 ft (640 m)
Rate of climb (per/min) 1,290 ft (393 m) 833 ft (253 m)

Performance Comparison on Wheels

Fully Loaded Performance Data Typical Load Performance
IO-580 at 3,158 lb GW IO-540 at 3,100 lb GW IO-580 at 2,839 lbs GW
Engine Lycoming IO-580 (315 HP) Lycoming IO-540 (230 HP) Lycoming IO-580 (315 HP)
Take off run (land) 640 ft (195 m) 795 ft (243 m) 410 ft (125 m)
Take off run over 50 ft obstacle (land) 1,292 ft (394 m) 1,514 ft (462 m) 908 ft (277 m)
Rate of Climb (per/min) 1,426 ft (434 m) 924 ft (281 m) 1,600 ft (488 m)
Cruise Speed (80% Power at 6,000 ft) 171 MPH (149 KTAS) 161 MPH (140 KTAS) 175 MPH (152 KTAS)
(75% Power at 3,000 ft)

"Fully Loaded" VS "Typical Load" Performance Data

For FAA certification of new modifications Wipaire performs extensive performance tests with the aircraft loaded to gross weight. This certification data represents the minimum performance expected out of an aircraft loaded to maximum gross weight. In order to better represent the level of performance most pilots will see we are providing performance specs taken with a "typical load" of pilot, co-pilot, 60 gallons of fuel and testing instrumentation. This gave us a weight of 2,839 lbs.

The Benefits of the Modern Cessna 182S & 182T

There are many reasons besides Boss 182 eligibility to consider an S or T model over the older generation Cessna 182 models. Some of the benefits include:

  • Full internal corrosion proofing using the most up-to-date epoxy-based primers and stainless cables
  • A modern avionics suite and instrument panel layout with warning panel
  • Improved, modern autopilot (usually with altitude pre-select and hold)
  • Interior seating (usually leather) with crash worthiness standards that meet the newer Part 23 crash standards
  • An up-to-date airframe with all of the latest structural improvements, including wet wing and fuselage access panels
  • Twice as many fresh air vents, for the utmost in pilot and passenger comfort

Gross Weight Increases for the 182

Our selection of gross weight increases will help you get the most utility out of your 182. The 3,500 and 3,370 lb gross weight increases boast a greatly improved forward CG envelope that gives you more loading flexibility. You will no longer need to add weight to the baggage compartment in order to carry two people and full fuel or four people with half tanks.

*Note: The gross weight increase requires the installation of 4-point float struts. Conversion kits are available to upgrade existing 3-point strut configurations to the 4-point design.

Performance at Gross Weight on Wipline 3000 Floats

IO-580 at 3,500 lb GW IO-580 at 3,370 lb GW
Gross weight 3,500 lbs (1,587 kg) 3,370 lbs (1,528 kg)
Engine IO-580 (315 HP) IO-580 (315 HP)
Take off run (land) 987 ft (301 m)   958 ft (292 m)
Take off run over 50 ft obstacle (land)  1,836 ft (560 m)  1,765 ft (538 m)
Take off run (water) 1,257 ft (384 m)   1,241 ft (378 m)
Take off run over 50 ft obstacle (water)  2,463 ft (751 m)   2,414 ft (736 m)
Rate of climb (per/min)   1,048 ft (319 m)   1,123 ft (342 m)
Cruise speed (75% at 6000 ft)  124.5 KTAS 15.5 GPH 124.5 KTAS 15.5 GPH


Hartzell Trailblazer Propeller Upgrade

If you fly a Wipline 3000-equipped Cessna 182 with the AirPlains IO-550 engine conversion, consider upgrading to the new Hartzell Trailblazer carbon fiber structural composite propeller. 

This propeller reduces take off noise, improves take-off performance and removes approximately 20 lbs (9 kg) off the nose when compared to the aluminum prop. The Trailblazer showed a 30% decrease in water take-off at full gross, 17% decrease on land and a 10% increase in rate of climb when compared to a traditional metal Hartzell propeller! This propeller is truly a powerhouse that will help you get the best performance possible out of your upgraded 182 on Wipline 3000 floats.

The new carbon fiber composite Hartzell Trailblazer series 82" propeller is standard equipment equipment with our Boss 182 Lycoming IO-580 engine conversion, both landplane and seaplane configurations. We are excited to now offer this outstanding propeller for IO-550 floatplanes as well!

Wing-X STOL Wing Extensions by ART

Have your Wing-X STOL Wing Extensions installed with your Wipline 3000 or 3450 Floats!


Wipaire is an authorized distributor and installation center for Wing X STOL tip extensions for Cessna 180, 182, and 185. Visit for all performance parameters and information on this great product. This modification is approved with various previously installed leading edge modifications as well as vortex generators.

Click Here for Pricing for the 185

Click Here for Pricing for the 182

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Modification Pricing

Modification Price
IO-580 Engine Conversion
Cessna 182S and 182T only Engine Conversion & Installation
Standard Configuration $136,850
New engine control cables Add $4,200
New firewall forward components Add $2,800
Upgrade to new prop governor Add $1,600
Upgrade from landplane mount to new seaplane engine mount* Add $4,400
Upgrade from landplane mount to rebuilt seaplane engine mount Add $6,300
Substitute analog gauges for digital engine monitor Deduct $6,400
Port and polish by Ly-Con* Call
Prop balance Call
 * Call for lead time
Have an IO-540 core? Call us for a core allowance!
Gross Weight Increase to 3,250 Take Off / 3,100 Landing
Wipline 3000 amphibious or seaplane floats required.
Cessna 182S and 182T only.
$3,260 Installed
Gross Weight Increase to 3,370 Take Off / 3,350 Landing
Wipline 3000 amphibious or seaplane floats required.
Cessna 182P, 182Q, 182R, 182S and 182T only*

$16,250 Installed
$15,650 Uninstalled

Gross Weight Increase to 3,500 Take Off / 3,350 Landing
Wipline 3000 amphibious or seaplane floats required
Cessna 182Q, 182R, 182S, and 182T only*
$41,750 Installed
$18,000 Uninstalled

*Note: Cessna 182P, 182Q and 182R models require installation of AirPlains IO-550 engine conversion. Cessna 182S and 182T require installation of Wipaire IO-580 engine conversion.

Heavy-Duty Engine Mount
Required for 4-point strut configuration on Wipline 3000 floats. Includes hardware.
Cessna 182P, 182Q, 182R* $6,830 Uninstalled
$13,230 Installed
Cessna 182S, 182T* $4,440 Uninstalled
$10,840 Installed
*Note: Installation price in conjunction with initial install of Wipline floats - $2,100.
Hartzell Trailblazer Propeller Upgrade
Includes spinner
Requires AirPlains IO-550 engine upgrade
$20,500 Uninstalled
Wing-X STOL Kits - Drop Shipped
Wing X extension kits for 180,182, & 185 $5,295.00
UPS BLUE drop shipping in continental US $200.00
Additional leading edge modifications $200.00
Wing-X STOL Kits - Installed at Wipaire
Wing X kit $5,295.00
Shipping $ N/C
Labor (Typical 55 hours) @95.00/HR $5,225.00
Painted White (colors & custom stripes additional) $500

Note** Depending on modification of wing spars, additional reinforcement may be needed. Additional labor TBD.

Note** Sportsman STOL leading edge modifications are integrated into the ART Wing X-STOL kit and require no additional labor during installation. Bushton style cuff requires additional $570.00 of labor to fit leading edge modifications.


Prices in US Dollars, FOB St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, and are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include taxes, duties or tariffs. They also may vary if custom work is required or requested.

Effective: February 1, 2017