2009 Quest Kodiak (Delivered 2010)
2009 Quest Kodiak (Delivered 2010)
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 2013 Quest Kodiak
2013 Quest Kodiak
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Quest Kodiak Amphibian
Quest Kodiak Amphibian
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Wipline 7000 Floats for the KODIAK

Quest Kodiak on Wipline 7000 FloatsThe 7000 model float is the first model that Wipaire, established pros of the floatplane world, has built using the very latest digital technologies from its inception. With an eye to making some both ideological and design changes, Bob Wiplinger, company owner, and Charlie Wiplinger, vice president of engineering, gathered a team of engineers and CAD drafters who designed and built the float in unprecedented time. In an email of appreciation after the maiden flight, Charlie Wiplinger said it was made possible by, "one of the finest R&D teams the general aviation industry has ever seen and the indispensible help from our entire manufacturing and Wipaire services personnel who delivered flawlessly when called upon by the R&D team. This feat is a true testament to the dedication and hard work of our employees as we went from CAD model to flying prototype in as little as two months."

The KODIAK, a single engine turbine designed for remote area operations, coupled with Wipaire's sleek, rugged floats will be an unbeatable match for serious flyers desiring the comforts of home in the wildest locations. The floats are designed to resist abrasion from rocky shorelines and careful attention was paid to the float construction should an off-site repair become necessary. Other structural enhancements for the comfort and safety of its users were also implemented on the 7000 float.

Over the years, Wipaire has developed a full line of aircraft floats for all sizes of aircraft, from the Piper Cub to the de Havilland Twin Otter, as well as over 100 Supplemental Type Certificates for a variety of useful aircraft modifications. In addition, Wipaire has expanded into other areas, including a full service maintenance department, avionics installation and repair, custom and luxury interior installation, and a paint and refinishing facility.

Perfomance for the KODIAK / 7000 Float
All performance maneuvers performed with aircraft at gross on amphibious floats.

ENGINE PT6A-34 (750 shp)
Maximum Cruise at 10,000 ft 157 KTAS
Take off run (land) 1,474 ft / 449 m
Take off over 50 ft. obstacle (land) 2,290 ft / 698 m
Take off run (water) 1,658 ft / 505 m
Take off over 50 ft. obstacle (water) 2,710 ft / 826 m
Landing roll out (land) 1,314 ft / 401 m
Landing roll out over 50 ft. obstacle (land) 2,247 ft / 685 m
Landing roll out (water) 1,431 ft / 436 m
Landing roll out over 50 ft. obstacle (water) 2,548 ft / 777 m
Rate of climb 1,199 fpm / 365 mpm
Service Ceiling 20,000 ft / 6096 m
Gross Weight 7,255 lbs / 3291 kg
Landing Weight (land or water)* 7,255 lbs / 3291 kg
Useful Load** 2,355 lbs / 1068 kg

* Note: Weight above 6490 lbs must meet zero-fuel requirement for flight operations.
**Note: Loading must comply with zero-fuel requirement for flight operations.


Specifications for the Quest KODIAK 7000 Float
Length -- Amphibian 7.20 m / 23'8"'
Height -- hull 0.99 m / 3'3"
Width -- hull 1.07 m / 3'6"
Draw Depth 24 inches / .61 m
Amphibious 7000 on Quest KODIAK 1435 lbs / 651 kg
Amphibious 7000 on Quest KODIAK Exchange 993 lbs / 450 kg
Gross Weight 7,255 lbs / 3,291 kg
Main (dual) 6.00 x 6-8 ply
Nose 5.00 x 5-10 ply
Located in tail of aircraft
Amphibious (100%) 6,808 lbs / 3,088 kg
(80%)*** 7,500 lbs / 3,402 kg
Tail Height
Amphibious 18' 5" / 5.61 m

* Exchange=Float Installation weight minus aircraft landing gear weight.
*** Maximum aircraft gross weight with 80% reserve bouyancy (2 floats) as per FAR 23.751

Wipline 7000 Float Pricing

Please Note: 2014 Price changes will go into effect March 15, 2014. All products quoted on or after March 15 will be at 2014 prices.

Aircraft Floats & Rigging Installation
Amphibious Seaplane    Amphibious Seaplane
Quest KODIAK 100 $287,900 $28,900


  1. All amphibious floats include landing gear advisory system.
  2. Float rigging and FAA STC paperwork included.
  3. Float paint option:
    • Overall base color to match aircraft is included.
    • Two trim colors and a standard stripe scheme to match scheme of aircraft is included.
    • Custom striping scheme or complex paint scheme (inboard and bottom of floats): please call for pricing and lead time.
    • Paint information and paint scheme will be requested at the time of deposit.  If paint colors are not provided, we will match colors to the best of our ability, but will not guarantee 100% match or a definite delivery date.
    • Customer choice of polyurethane or silver-gray submersion paint is included.  There is no paint warranty for polyurethane painted floats stored in water for extended periods.
  4. Quest Service Notice SN-025, Rev. A or later, Gross Weight Increase, required for float installation.

Prices in U.S. dollars, FOB St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, and are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include taxes, duties or tariffs. They also may vary if custom work is required or requested.

Effective for floats quoted after March 15, 2014.