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The Cessna 185 is already a great performance machine but when you need a little more we're here to help. Wipline floats and AirGlide skis are some of our best know modifications but we also have performance modifications.

IO-550D Engine Upgrade

More power? Greater performance? One of the most effective ways of enhancing the capability and performance of your C-185 is to add an IO-550 engine and Hartzell or McCauley "Power Prop". Wipaire pioneered this modification, realizing its potential to really create a hot-rod of a seaplane. The Wipline IO-550 upgrade is rated at 300 Horsepower, like the standard 520, but is rated at a higher torque, giving you 8-10% better performance, an additional 150 to 175 points of thrust for seaplanes, and quieter ride. Unlike the 520, the IO-550 enables a maximum continuous cruising rate at 300 HP instead of just 285HP.

Call us today to learn more about this exciting product that is sure to enhance your investment and your total flying experience.

IO550The IO-550D Engine Upgrade can give your 185 that extra get up and go that you've been wishing for.

185 IO-550 Engine Kit Includes:

NOTE: Three blade engine mount required for 185 part number 0751007-16 at an additional cost.

Hartzell Trailblazer Propeller Upgrade

The new carbon fiber composite Hartzell Trailblazer series 82" propeller is available for Cessna 185 models with the IO-550-D engine installed via Wipaire STC SA1522GL or Texas Skyways STC SA09960SC in both landplane and seaplane configurations. The Trailblazer propeller offers the following features.

Wing-X STOL Wing Extensions by ART

Have your Wing-X STOL Wing Extensions installed with your Wipline 3000 or 3450 Floats!


Wipaire is an authorized distributor and installation center for Wing X STOL tip extensions for Cessna 180, 182, and 185. Visit for all performance parameters and information on this great product. This modification is approved with various previously installed leading edge modifications as well as vortex generators.

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Click Here for Pricing for the 182

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Modification Pricing

Modification Price
Hartzell Trailblazer 3-Blade Composite Propeller for the 185
3-blade composite Trailblazer constant-speed propeller, 82" diameter. Applicable to 185 models with the IO-550-D engine installed via Wipaire STC SA1522GL or Texas Skyways STC SA09960SC. (Kit: SA04053CH-003) $19,900
IO-550 Engine Upgrade Propeller & Kit
Propeller Options:
Hartzell Propeller (PHC-C3YF-1RF/F8468A-6R) and Spinner Assembly (A-2295-1P) $11,300*
Hartzell Trailblazer Propeller (HC-C3YF-1N/NG8301-3) and Spinner Assembly (A-2295-1P) $19,900**
McCauley Propeller / Short Hub (D3A34C401C/90DFA-10) (Includes spinner assembly) Call for Price
IO-550 Kit:
For Hartzell-equipped aircraft (SA1522GL-001) $4,730
For McCauley-equipped aircraft (SA1522GL-002)
IO-550 Kit Only Cessna 185
(Does not include governor)
Tachometer (exchange) and MP/FF gauges (exchange; core charge $1,200)
STC Only - No Kit or Engine (Paperwork only) $2,420
NOTE:Propeller Governor (with Core Exchange) $1,680
3 Blade Engine Mount required for 185 at an additional cost
*$300 discount will be applied when purchased with Wipaire's IO-550 upgrade.
**$1,000 discount will be applied when purchased with Wipaire's IO-550 upgrade.
Replacement STC/Prints $350.00 Per Set
Excluded is the Engine itself.
Wing-X STOL Kits - Drop Shipped
Wing X extension kits for 180,182, & 185 $5,295.00
UPS BLUE drop shipping in continental US $200.00
Additional leading edge modifications $200.00
Wing-X STOL Kits - Installed at Wipaire
Wing X kit $5,295.00
Shipping $ N/C
Labor (Typical 55 hours) @95.00/HR $5,225.00
Painted White (colors & custom stripes additional) $500

Note** Depending on modification of wing spars, additional reinforcement may be needed. Additional labor TBD.

Note** Sportsman STOL leading edge modifications are integrated into the ART Wing X-STOL kit and require no additional labor during installation. Bushton style cuff requires additional $570.00 of labor to fit leading edge modifications.


Prices in US Dollars, FOB St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, and are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include taxes, duties or tariffs. They also may vary if custom work is required or requested.

Effective: February 1, 2017