Category | Seaplane School

Hammonds Air Service

Minimum five hours for seaplane rating with emphasis on local flying conditions. Located at Hammonds SPB on Intracoastal Waterway. Docking. Rental cars. Year-round training, 45 mi SW of New Orleans. ATP SEL/SES available to those who qualify in Cessna 185 amphib. Own both an FBO at the airport as well as the seaplane operation. Course includes five hours of intensive dual training and one hour check ride. All Maneuvers pertaining to seaplane flying for courses.

Jones Brother Air & Seaplane Adventures

Specializing in Advanced SES and Multi-Engine Seaplane Training. Do an initial rating and work on advanced maneuvers such as: Docking, Current, Tide operations.

Aircraft available:

Cessna 180’s, PA-12-160 Super Cruiser, UC-1-1 Twin Seabee

KT Aviation

Training in a C-172,C-180 and Piper PA-23 Amphibian

Avialsa TRTO

TRTO dedicated to Air Tractor AT802, both SET and SET SEA (Fire Boss)