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Yukon Propeller by Wipaire and Hartzell

Wipaire is proud to introduce the new Hartzell four-blade carbon composite prop, the Yukon, which offers up to a 31% decrease in total take-off distance from water and up to a 26% decrease from land.

This translates into safer take off and landings on smaller lakes and shorter runways. Another big improvement is in weight. Coming in at 137 lbs, it is up to 19 lbs lighter than other available props.

What you need to know:

  • Deposits are being taken by Wipaire
  • 110 Inches in diameter
  • Weight: 137 lbs
  • No change in stall speeds
  • Carbon composite construction and nickel leading edge reduces concerns for corrosion
  • Available with TKS, electric de-ice boots or without icing equipment
  • Optional pitch locks

Applies to:

  • C208 & C208B floated or wheeled
  • PT6A-114A 675 SHP Engine
  • PT6A-140 867 SHP Engine
Image of the Wipaire Extended Baggage compartment

Wipaire Extended Baggage

The Wipaire Extended Baggage modification provides additional storage and allows pilots to better manage cargo weight distribution. Our design is available in a variety of configurations to best suit your needs.
  • Can be installed on any 208 or 208B Caravan with or without floats
  • Wipaire extended baggage assembly is designed as a single piece assembly to be more easily removable for maintenance access
  • Doors or cargo net closure available
  • Can be custom finished to match or compliment aircraft interior for an additional cost
  • Multiple tie-downs to secure cargo and rubber coin-mat floor to prevent sliding
  • Expanded access under cargo floor
  • Compatible configurations for Divan, AC and amphibious  hydraulic pump
  • Extended avionics shelf kit is available to allow for flexibility in reconfiguration of avionics that may have been retrofitted in this area (i.e. ADS-B) that would interfere with the extended baggage installation
  • For seaplanes with amphib hydraulic systems, the assembly is equipped with a clear cover making it easy to check fluid levels
Aviat Husky A1C on Wipline 2100 Floats in Flight

2250 Lb GWI for the Aviat Husky

Wipaire’s Supplemental Type Certificate increases the Husky’s gross weight on Wipline 2100 floats to 2,250 pounds from 2,200 pounds. This adds 50 pounds to the aircraft’s useful load, further increasing the Husky’s utility. Wipaire’s STC is available as a takeoff-only gross weight increase or a takeoff and landing increase which allows the aircraft to be landed at the 2,250-pound gross weight. This modification is available on the A-1B, A-1C-180, and A-1C-200.

IO-550D Engine Upgrade

More power? Greater performance? One of the most effective ways of enhancing the capability and performance of your C-185 is to add an IO-550 engine and Hartzell or McCauley “Power Prop”. Wipaire pioneered this modification, realizing its potential to really create a hot-rod of a seaplane. The Wipline IO-550 upgrade is rated at 300 Horsepower, like the standard 520, but is rated at a higher torque, giving you 8-10% better performance, an additional 150 to 175 points of thrust for seaplanes, and quieter ride. Unlike the 520, the IO-550 enables a maximum continuous cruising rate at 300 HP instead of just 285HP.

Call us today to learn more about this exciting product that is sure to enhance your investment and your total flying experience.

The IO-550D Engine Upgrade can give your 185 that extra get up and go that you’ve been wishing for.

  • 300 HP Max Continuous
  • 8-10% Torque increase over 520
  • 150 RPM less than 520 = Greater Longevity
  • 8-10% Increased Cruise Speed
  • 8-10% Shorter Take-Off

185 IO-550 Engine Kit Includes:

  • Mount Isolators
  • Mount Bolts
  • Locking Tabs
  • Ground Straps
  • Barrel Nuts
  • Fluid Hose Kit
  • Bushings
  • Spacers
  • Placards
  • Man Pressure/Fuel Flow Gauge (Exchange)
  • Tachometer (Exchange)
  • Paperwork and STC

NOTE: Three blade engine mount required for 185 part number 0751007-16 at an additional cost.

Hartzell Trailblazer Propeller Upgrade

The new carbon fiber composite Hartzell Trailblazer series 82″ propeller is available for Cessna 185 models with the IO-550-D engine installed via Wipaire STC SA1522GL or Texas Skyways STC SA09960SC in both landplane and seaplane configurations. The Trailblazer propeller offers the following features.

  • Durable, field-replaceable nickel cobalt leading edge
  • Nickel erosion screen for foreign object damage protection
  • Thinner blade with a wider chord for improved performance
  • Designed to be quieter than comparable propellers
  • Carbon fiber composition is 5-10x stronger than natural fiber propeller cores
  • 14.6 lbs lighter than the Hartzell metal 80″ prop (model: PHC-C3YF-1RF/F8468A-6R)
  • 3.1 lbs lighter than the McCauley 80″ prop (model: D3A34C401/90DFA-10)

Wing-X STOL Wing Extensions

Wipaire is an authorized distributor and installation center for Wing X STOL tip extensions for Cessna 180, 182, and 185. This modification is approved with various previously installed leading edge modifications as well as vortex generators.



WING-X STOL will increase your flight performance by as much as 30% and your gross takeoff weight by 50 to 400 Lbs depending on the models. You can now carry that extra passenger or payload and still have great performance!

Improve your aircraft performance by adding more than three feet to the wingspan or approx. 12.4 square feet of wing area to your aircraft. “More Wing is More Lift it’s that simple”. The Wing-X STOL modification has a specially engineered wing reinforcement along the main spar. This modification increases the overall strength of the wing and allows for an important gross weight increase on most models.

Cessna 170,172,175 airplanes will benefit from a GTOW increase varying from 50 to 125 pounds depending on the year and model.

All C-180 and C-182 owners will benefit with a GTOW of 2,950 lbs. approved on wheels, floats and skis as well as providing enhanced performance throughout the flight envelope.

Cessna 185 owners will immediately benefit from an increase of 175 lbs. in the useful load and a newly certified GTOW of 3,525 lbs. approved on wheels, skis, amphibs and straight floats.