Category | Seaplane School

Seaplane Scenics Training Center

Cessna 172 L model on straight floats:
Seaplane ratings- 6 and 8 hour packages
Advanced training: remote, mountain, and high performance training (Cessna 185- 300HP)

Training from experienced seaplane pilots

Seaplane Safety Institute

Part 61 & Part 141 Seaplane Rating Courses

3 Day Recurrent training for already rated Seaplane Pilots with underwater egress training and/or first aid training

Seaplane Adventures

Seaplane Adventures offers a comprehensive SES rating package for as little $2,000 in our Cessna 172N on Wipline 2350s. Call us today at 888-SEAPLANE or at!

Scotland on Floats

We provide training on a Cessna FR172F Reims Rocket (210hp) with Wipline 2350As, all around the stunning west coast of Scotland.We are a CAA Registered Facility and can offer training and spectacular adventure safaris around Scotland’s mountains and islands.

Sudbury Aviation Limited

All prices in Canadian dollars. 4 1/2 hours north of Toronto. Docking, mooring and beaching. Seaplane endorsements and foreign license conversions. Rental available to seaplane endorsed pilots who complete an advanced flying bush course (10 hours).