Category | Seaplane School

Rick’s Aviation Adventures LLC

2-3 day course in the heart of Northern Minnesota lake country.
Pa18 with Wipaire 2100 amphibs.
Lodging available, group rates.

Rainier View Hangars LLC

The A/C we use is a Cessna 182 on Aerocet 3400 amphibs. The A/C has a 300HP engine so we can give High Performance endorsments and with the amphibs we can give complex aircraft endorsments and of course the seaplane rating.

Romeo Aviation

Citabria 7GCBC on Wipline 2100 Straight Floats. Private Pilot Certificate required, student pilot introductory flights available. Blake Lake, WI Primary Docking – 15 nautical miles West Cumberland KUBE. Fly to Cumberland/Drive or Meet at Water. Training May – Oct 1st – Courses ASES: Advanced – Basic – Refresher – BFR.

Ryan Aviation Seaplane Base, Inc.

We specialize in Amphib training!
We train in a 2000 Aviat Husky on 2100 Wipline Amphib’s and a DHC-2 Beaver on 6100 Wipline Amphib’s. We recommend and utilize Wipline floats. Come to Florida and get your Seaplane Rating as well as some Amphibian training as a bonus!